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This best selling treadmill is a global favourite for a reason, with bluetooth speakers, integrated fan and a folding frame, the T101 offers great features for a cost effective price.


Horizon T101 Treadmill

This best selling treadmill is a global favourite for a reason, with bluetooth speakers, integrated fan and a folding frame, the T101 offers great features for a cost effective price.

Why choose the T101 Treadmill?

  • Ideal for walkers and runners who want a no-fuss workout
  • ease of storage with a one-step folding frame
  • Up to 10% incline and 41 program levels
  • Listen to music with integrated Bluetooth speakers that pair with your phone
  • Download the product sell sheet here: Horizon-T101-SELLSHEET


Key Features :



Treadmill for Home – Best Balance of features, quality and value for money Horizon Treadmill 101 Features: Offering an astounding 41 programs, the Horizon T101 treadmill for sale has something for everyone. Whether you are interested in weight-loss, or training for your PB 5km run, this treadmill is definitely the perfect home choice. Top rated programs on offer:

  • Calories, set the number of calories that you would like to burn in one treadmill workout and reach your weight-loss goal in no time.
  • Aiming to run for 10 minutes, or 30 minutes? select the time program and start running!
  • Running your first 5,10, 15km or half marathon race? Start off slowly and build up your distance with 10 different distance-based workouts.
  • Most of our fitness devices tell us to aim for 10 000 steps per day, but working in an office sometimes makes it difficult to get those steps in. Luckily the T101 home treadmills allows you to choose your number of steps ranging from 1 000 all the way up to 10 000. Now nothing will stand in your way of reaching your fitness tracker goals.
  • Interval Training, perfect for results and if you are looking for more intensity in your workout. Choose from Speed intervals, peak intervals, and endurance intervals on this treadmill for your home.
  • If you prefer to work at your own pace with your own incline and speed, then select the classic mode rather than following a set plan

The Bluetooth speakers on the treadmills easily pair with your phone, allowing you to train to your favourite music and enjoying your treadmill run.  For added convenience, the device holder can hold your tablet or phone whilst training. The built-in fan is strong enough to keep you cool while running during the hot South African months. A unique feature of the Horizon brand, feather-light folding takes most of the weight of the deck away, which means that you can effortlessly fold your treadmill when not in use, allowing you to optimally utilize your space. To negate injuries, it is important to choose a treadmill for your home that has a well-cushioned deck. With the T101 home treadmills you can enjoy the right amount of comfort and flex with another unique feature, variable response cushioning. The three-zone cushioning system provides the correct amount of support needed in all phases of your stride. The deck is divided into three different zones, the front deck is where your feet land during your workout and thus has the most flex. The middle of the deck is more neutral since that’s where your feet will move backwards. The last section of the deck is the hardest as this is where you need the most support to push off going into your next stride. It is easy to forget to switch off your home treadmill after a tough workout. Luckily the T101 has an energy-saver mode that will automatically switch off the home treadmill after 15 minutes of not being used. The T101 offers a powerful and quite 2.5HP motor, built by Horizon for the T101 treadmill


Walkers, starting out with a treadmill for home use, or someone training towards their first 5km race. Anyone looking for a quality branded, no-fuss treadmill with reliable after-sales service. the T101 is the perfect choice for you. If you are interested in buying a quality treadmill for your home under R20 000, this no fuss quality Horizon T101 treadmill for sale with 41 programs is perfect for you.  It is also the ideal gift for your partner or parent. If you are a serious runner, looking for a treadmill for home that will stand up to heavy-duty home use, we do suggest these home treadmill options:


“I researched a lot of different treadmills, but this one seemed to the best for the money and I wasn’t disappointed. great treadmill and for the price range you can’t beat it.”


Ready to start your fitness journey? Horizon is your perfect running partner and we can’t wait to assist you.


Precision Fitness in South Africa is a distributor of Horizon Fitness in South Africa. You may request a quotation for the Horizon Treadmill T101 online and purchase it directly from Precision Fitness .


-Safe and convenient: Squeeze in a workout whenever you have time, no need to sit in traffic or dress up in your best gym gear – in case you run into someone.  Plus having a treadmill in your home is a friendly reminder to train. Place it in front of your tv to enjoy a quick run whilst watching your favourite series and get those running miles in. -Better simulate your race, if you stay in a flat area and your race that you are training for has hills, it is easier to train for the hills on your home treadmill. Simply increase the incline on your treadmill or select a program that includes inclines. -Trying to achieve a certain pace, use the treadmill to select the pace that you are aiming for, this will push you to train at that pace and ensure that you meet your pace goal in no time.

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Free 3 Year Warranty and Service Plan

Free 3 Year Warranty and Service Plan


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