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Hustle Home Wall Gym


Hustle Fitness equipment can be used for rehabilitation of muscles, general fitness as well as incorporated into high intensity interval training (HIIT). Hustle Fitness equipment is focused on the concept of working out through the use of resistance training, which is suited all fitness levels and helps improve your muscular strength & endurance whilst putting less pressure onto your joints while exercising.


Hustle Home Wall Gym

Hustle fitness equipment products were established during lockdown 2020 and was inspired by Teal Hogg former SA  Athlete who now has become a personal trainer.

Hustle is manufactured locally in South Africa and specialize in the supply of the highest quality and durability resistance training equipment.

Resistance band fitness equipment offers multiple, functional & adaptable exercises for all muscle groups to enhance stamina, strength, stability, muscle building and flexibility.

Set up:

Step 1.

Three wall mount brackets are provided with carriage bolts- these should be set vertically by placing one on the ground level or just above the skirting.the second at shoulder height and the third an arm’s length above ones head. Use a 10 mm masonry drill bit for the bolts provided.

Door anchor option:

The door anchor which is provided can be slipped around the top of the door side or the bottom for different heights usually used while traveling. Remember to lock the door when using.

Outdoor strap option:

The red strap can be hooked around a pole for outdoor use at your home or traveling on the road.

Step 2.

Choose which band you wish to utilize for your exercise routine. Options are medium (4kg) or heavy (6kg) resistance bands depending on your fitness level and exercise requirements.

Attach snap hook to desired height onto the wall mount eye and then fix the hand or leg apparatus that is desired.
The stirrup/d handle would be attached to each strand of the resistance band fixing the snap hooks through one another.

The barbell choice can be attached to either one or two of the strands equally with the snap hook in the center of the bar .

The tricep rope would be attached in the same manner as the barbell.

The red leg straps should be attached by threading the snap hook on the resistance band through the webbing eye, then pull back the black silicon sliding grip to open an area of webbing to place your foot or leg through, then close the black silicon sliding sleeve to secure your leg or ankle before you start exercising.

Basic exercises are provided on the instruction board provided.

What’s in the box
1 x Barrel Bag
1 x 6kg Heavy split band
1 x 4kg Medium split band
1 x Barbell attachment (short bar)
1 x Stirrup handle set (D Handles)
1 x Tricep rope
1 x Door Anchor
2 x Leg Straps
1 x Outdoor Hoop Strap
3 x Steel epoxy coated wall mounts
6 x Coach Bolts
6 x Wall cleats
1 x PVC Exercise Instruction board



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