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Omega Z


The understated Omega Treadmill provides a sleek and thoughtful design to provide more space for sprints. This 2020 aware-winning treadmill. A perfect addition to your home gym requirements.



Discover simplicity combined with colour heart rate training. Feel motivated by bold colours with the new Omega Z Home Treadmill. Its simplistic design, wide range of features and unique pulse training program sets these treadmills apart from the rest. Horizon Treadmill Omega Z Features: The Omega Z uses your heart rate to determine your workout capacity and to push you to achieve your running goals. Combining bold colours to show you how you are performing, Omega Z treadmills offers aerobic, threshold, anaerobic and endurance training. Ensuring a quiet run and a longer-lasting motor.

The Omega Z treadmill was thoughtfully designed with your training in mind. It provides plenty of space for doing hard sprints, allowing you to lean forward whilst training. The angled side rails were made to easily grab onto in between HIIT workouts, when you are catching your breath. Adding to your running experience on the Omega Home Treadmill is the wider running area and higher speed range that goes up to 20km per hour. Easy to use, the Omega Z has a One-Touch control button to start and stop your workout as you please.

What great value for money and its easy on the eyes too

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