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Buyers Guide to Cardo Equipment

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Buyers Guide to Cardo Equipment

Buyers Guide to Cardo Equipment

Making the decision to buy any cardio equipment can be daunting if you are looking for the first time. What do you buy ? Who do you buy from ? The choice of what you buy depends on firstly what type of cardio do you enjoy. If you are a runner then we assume a treadmill is the best fit for you. If you are a cyclist then a studio cycle will suit you best. Of course you may also have a budget and that might determine the quality of equipment you buy. More importantly the company you buy from should give you all the guidance you need and you should feel that you trust that company with your hard earned money. Will they deliver what you have ordered.

Equipment these days are generally pretty decent in quality , not like they were a few years ago. A good question to ask yourself is ” what will my usage be on my new cardio machine ? ” 30mins a day ? 1 hour a day ? Or if you are a big family and you are all runners will a small home treadmill last with 3 to 4 hours work a day . ( No it wont .. ) So good to ask all the questions that will steer you in the right direction…

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