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Horizon Comfort 5 Upright
Horizon Comfort 5 Upright Bike

This upright bike has a unique step-through frame that allows the user to comfortably get seated on the bike. It has multiple hand placement positions that allows you to find the ultimate riding position. Viewfit Connectivity enables you to track your efforts and set your goals for your workout.

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Paragon X Home Treadmill
PARAGON X Home Treadmill

Exclusive Air Runner Technology simulates trial running surfaces and routes from 10 races across the world. Now you can enjoy “off-road” running indoors

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Horizon 7.OAT Home Use Treadmill
Horizon 7.OAT Home Use Treadmill

Discover unmatched performance with the Horizon 7.OAT Home Use Treadmill

Why choose the Horizon 7.OAT Home Use Treadmill?

It offers unmatched performance for you to enjoy a run at home and know that you selected the best  treadmill. Run to your favorite playlist with the advanced Bluetooth features that stream through the integrated speakers. Easy fold away when not in use.

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